的 United 状态d Department of Education requires that each accredited institution of higher education maintain a record of student complaints received by the institution (34病死率 602.16 (a)(1)(第九)). 根据联邦法规的要求, 该记录提供给中部州高等教育委员会. 的 record will be reviewed by the Commission as part of the institution’s Self Study and Periodic Review Report evaluations.


国外正规买球app aims to provide an environment that fosters the personal and intellectual growth and development of all students where concerns can be discussed and resolved in a professional manner. 的 国外正规买球app complaint process encourages informal resolution through direct communication with the individuals directly involved. Formal complaints will be considered if the student has followed and exhausted the informal processes. 国外正规买球app尽一切努力解决学生的内部投诉, using policies and procedures outlined in the current 目录 and 学生手册s. It is expected that students will fully utilize any and all procedures to address concerns and/or complaints in as timely a manner as possible.

This Policy applies to all students (full time or part time, onsite or online) who are enrolled at 拉塞尔·塞奇学院的学生. 父母, 亲戚, 雇主, 代理, and other persons acting for or on behalf of a Student are not considered students under this policy.


Concerns regarding the following matters should be addressed using the policies and procedures outlined.


Informal complaints (concerns or expressions of dissatisfaction or disagreement) should be handled through direct communication (conversation, 电子邮件, 学生与相关个人或部门之间的信件. 的 majority of student complaints can be addressed through communication with the individual(s) involved.

如果问题得不到解决, the informal complaint should be directed to the appropriate supervisor (see the 学生资助目录 for guidance and contact information for the most common student concerns). Students may also consult with the Dean of Students on their campus if they are unsure about where or how to address a concern.


A student may file a formal complaint if (a) the issue remains unresolved after attempting an informal resolution or (b) the student has utilized one of the complaint processes described in point 1 above and believes the student has been unfairly treated, 或者没有遵守学院/学校的程序或政策. 正式投诉必须以书面形式提出,并透过 网上学生投诉表格 学生本人(非家长或其他代理人). Formal complaints must be filed within one year of the occurrence that prompted the complaint.


  1. 尝试以非正式的方式解决上述问题.
  2. 完成 网上学生投诉表格.
  3. A student should expect a preliminary response from a College representative within five (5) business days (when the College is open) to seek any additional information required to address the concern.


的正式投诉 在线表单 是直接交给教务长办公室和负责学生生活的副校长吗. 这些办事处不作为任何一方争议的辩护律师, 而是确保公平程序的推动者. 的y will then refer the complaints to the appropriate College official to review and resolve. Any individual who is named in a formal complaint will be notified and asked to provide information related to the complaint.

为了遵守联邦法规, 国外正规买球app will maintain a record of formal complaints and their resolution, 包括向外部机构报告的投诉. 的 record will be housed within the Office of Institutional 研究 and made available to the 中部州高等教育委员会 evaluators for their review.

Retaliation against a student for filing a complaint is harassment and will be addressed as described in Sage’s Discrimination and 骚扰 Policy.


的 following is a 学生资助目录 that identifies common student concerns that can be addressed informally through the offices, 提供的部门和流程.



In the event that a student has a complaint involving a course in which the student is enrolled (course policies, 指令, 分级, 等.),学生应遵循以下程序:

  • 与老师见面或交谈. In the best interests of both parties, resolution ideally should be reached at this stage.
  • 如果学生和老师之间没有达成解决方案, meet or speak with with the instructor’s department chairperson or program coordinator.
  • 与学院院长会面或交谈.


Concerns regarding academic affairs administrators or departments should be addressed through department leadership (as identified via the links below) and then to the College Dean, 如果没有解决.

学生可以访问一般学术政策 大学目录 关于学术地位, 学位要求, 课程, 转学分的申请.

For assistance with directing academic concerns to the appropriate office or process, 联系学术咨询办公室,地址 (电子邮件保护).

种族歧视, color, 信条, 性, 性取向, 与项目有关的残疾或国籍, 课程, 活动, 设施, 金融援助, 或者学生就业.

Students can meet with any campus compliance officer regarding any of these concerns. 学生可以查看歧视, 骚扰, 性骚扰和性侵犯政策在网上 校园政策下的学院目录. 想要了解校园合规官员名单的个人可以发电子邮件 (电子邮件保护).


联系设施主管约翰·扎杰切斯科夫斯基 (电子邮件保护) 协助将关注的问题导向适当的办公室或流程.

Non-residential concerns regarding 设施 can be addressed through the Maintenance department.

Note that residence hall 设施 concerns should be addressed through the Director of 居住生活 at (电子邮件保护).


大多数问题与IT(无线接入)有关, 邮件问题, Moodle, SageAdvisor, 校园电脑),可致电518-244-4777与IT帮助台联系, 通过提交一张票给 服务中心,或通过查看 在线知识库 常见问题和解决方法.

联络资讯科技总监,电话: (电子邮件保护) 协助将关注的问题导向适当的办公室或流程.


联系院长莎伦·默里,地址是 (电子邮件保护) 或者史黛西·冈萨雷斯院长 (电子邮件保护) on the Troy campus 协助将关注的问题导向适当的办公室或流程.

  • 居住生活
    联系人:Grace Giancola, (电子邮件保护)
  • 无障碍设施
  • 有关的纪律指控/程序/制裁 学生行为准则
  • 圣人穿梭机
  • 所有与学生权利和责任相关的政策都在 学生手册.
  • 对学生生活管理人员(包括体育)的关注, 职业规划, 残疾人服务, 居住生活, spirituality and wellness centers) should be addressed through department leadership. 如果解决不了,再去找学院的学生主任.
  • 构建访问
  • 停车问题
  • 学生安全问题(摄像头、蓝灯等).)
  • General information regarding 公共安全 resources and policies is available in the 公共安全组 本网站.


联系公共安全主任,地址是 (电子邮件保护) 协助将关注的问题导向适当的办公室或流程.


联系人: 凯利·罗宾逊 (电子邮件保护)

联系人:Kathy Scoville, (电子邮件保护)

  • 隐私(e.g., FERPA违规)
  • 问题:注册政策或程序

联系人: 金伯利希金斯, (电子邮件保护)


在不太可能的情况下,一个问题不能在内部解决, students may file a complaint with their respective 状态 Licensing Authority and/or the 中部州高等教育委员会. 的se agencies should be contacted only after the student has utilized the established informal and formal complaint processes.


如果你 你是纽约州居民吗 或参加校内课程或项目,请联系纽约教育局.


518-474-1551 | (电子邮件保护)